Combination of Compound Divergent Lisfranc Injury, Displaced Calcaneal Tuberosity Fracture and Distal Third of Tibia Fracture: A Case Report

KC KM *, Marahatta SB *, Pangeni BR*


The combination of compound divergent lisfranc fracture dislocation, displaced calcaneal tuberosity fracture and fracture of distal tibia is avery rare injury. We report a 55 years old male patient with above mentioned injury treated with multiple Kirshner wires (K wires) for lisfranc fracture dislocation, 4 mm cannulated screws for displaced calcaneal tuberosity fracture and minimally invasive percutaneous plate osteosynthesis (MIPPO) for distal tibia fracture in single
anaesthetic exposure. K wires were removed 2 months after surgery and the patient started weight bearing as tolerated. The post-operative wound complications were uneventful and he was walking with mild pain.

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