Need for Blood Transfusion Following Caesarean Section, Elective Verses Emergency

R.C. LK, Malla A, Maharjan S


INTRODUCTION: Caesarean section is one of the most common operations performed worldwide in obstetrics. In comparison to vaginal delivery, the need for blood transfusion has increased significantly with caesarean delivery.

METHOD: A retrospective study was carried out at Patan hospital Lalitpur Nepal, from first January 2015 to 28th of February 2015, which included women of caesarean section. Data was obtained on age, parity, gestational age, hematocrit levels, caesarean type and indication. Patients who required blood transfusion were also noted for data analysis.

RESULT: A total of 451 patients underwent caesarean section out of 22(4.8%) patients received blood transfusion either during or after surgery.

CONCLUSION: Only Grouping With Confirmation Of Availability Should Be Done For Emergency Situation.

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