Need of Community Based Studies

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As national health related issues continue to grow in many aspects we also see a rapid growth in
the number of health institutions in the country. With more and more government institutions
becoming academic in nature and along with more private and other medical colleges coming
into the scene, the basis for medical research is gradually being strengthen in its foundations.
Most of the researches that we have now is hospital or institution based. These may be
somewhat convenient and may also be more practical for those health issues that require close
monitoring. However many people with disease condition, particularly in their early stages may
not come to health institutions for treatment for various reasons and thus remain outside the
health care system. The prevalence of the disease condition in these populations thus may be
difficult to assess. Hence community and population based studies will provide vital information
regarding prevalence of disease condition as well as providing a good screening tool and a much
needed public health awareness campaign.

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