Volume 9│Number 02│July-Dec 2009

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Comparatve Study of Frozen Secton Diagnoses with Histopathology View File
Shrestha S, Basyal R,Pathak T Shrestha S,Lee MC,Dhakal H, Pun CB,Pradhan M,
Prevalence of Hepatts b, Hepatts c and HIV Infections among chronic Renal Failure Patents on Hemodialysis View File
Singh RP Koirala SR, Malla RR, Khakurel S,
A Study of blood Requisiton and transfusion Practce in Surgery at bir Hospital View File
Sharma VK Basnet RB, Lamichhane D,
Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis View File
Jha R Adhikari DR,
Study of ocular emergencies in nepal eye Hospital View File
PR Pandey
Analysis of eight years Data of Renal Disorders in a tertary care Hospital in nepal View File
Khakurel S Agrawal RK, Hada R,
Anaesthetc outcome in Microsurgical clipping of Intracranial Aneurysm View File
Shrestha RR Chand MB, Singh BB,
Evaluaton of Pre-anesthetc Screening tests in Relatvely Healthy Surgical Patents (ASA Physical Status I) View File
Manandhar S Rana RB , Jha BD,
Tramadol in Patent Controlled Analgesia for Post-operatve Management View File
Pradhan W Agrawal JK,
Study of Frequency of Spontaneous bacterial Peritonits in Patents with Alcoholic liver cirrhosis with Ascites View File
Pande R, Khatri R Nepal N, Pande PR,
Evaluaton of Locally made Rapid Urease Test for Diagnosis of Helicobacter Pylori View File
Pande R, Khatri R Pande PR, Karki BB,
Burden of Care Amongst Spouses of Depressives View File
PP Sharma
A Retrospectve Study of Sonographic Records in the Detecton of Hepatc Hilar Mass in Patents with Cholestatc Jaundice View File
Kunwar L Panthee MR, Khadka H,
Clinical and Laboratory Features of Paroxymal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria and its 59-62 Therapeutc Optons in the Developing World View File
BS Poudyal

Case Report

A Case of Relapse Ovarian Cancer Treated with Weekly Cisplatn and Daily Oral Etoposide View File
BD Paudel
A Case of Cephalic Tetanus Referred as Rabies View File
Koirala SR Gautam MP, Adhikari P,
A Rare Case of Adenoid Cystc Carcinoma Presentng as a Vulval Mass View File
Tuladhar A Parajuli S, Basnet RB,

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Instructions for Authors View File
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Editorial View File
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