Volume 19│Number 01│Jan-Jun 2019

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Research Papers Are Virtual Images of Our Work Done View Pdf
Prof. Dr. Peeyush Dahal

Original Article

Comparative Study between Collagen and Conventional Vaseline Gauze Dressing: A Prospective Cross-Sectional Study View Pdf
Thapa S*, Dahal P**, Pokhrel PB***, Rai SM****
Intraoperative Anaesthesia Chart Completion-A Retrospective Observational Study View Pdf
Thapa P*, Shrestha S**, Adhikari KM***, Shah S****
Factors Delaying the Treatment in Acute Burn Injury View Pdf
Maharjan N*, Dahal P**, Basner SJ***, Nakarmi k****, Rai SM*****
Management of Gunshot Injury: A Multi disciplinary Approach View Pdf
A* Joshi
Sonographic Assessment of Portal Vein Diameter and its Respirophasic Variations among Apparently Healthy Nepalese Population View Pdf
Regmi S*, Khadka H**, Pathak S***
Psychometric Evaluation of Depression in the Elderly View Pdf
Nepal SP*, Ceintury KP**, Shrestha BR**, Uprety AB***, Khadka M***, Thakur SK****, Sharma A*****
Intrathecal Bupivacaine with Midazolam Increases the Furation and Quality of Spinal Anesthesia: A Comparative Study View Pdf
Khanal LS*, Jha BD**

Case Report

Chondroblastoma in the Manubrium of Sternum: A Case Report View Pdf
Thapa Magar D*, Shrestha KK**, Chapagain D***, Shrestha K***
A Case of Giant Mediatinal Neurogenic Tumor in a Child-Unusual Presentation View Pdf
Khadka H*, Thapa B**
Carotid Body Tumor Mimicking Cervical Lymphnode Tuberculosis: A Case Report View Pdf
Acharya B* , Khanal B**
Surgical Management of Dissociated Vertical Deviation with Intermittent Exotropia View Pdf
Gurung C*, Karki P**, Sharma A***

Instructions to Author

Instructions for Authors View Pdf
Chief Editor