Volume 15│Number 02│Jul-Dec 2015

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Research need to explore the ways to solve the problem. VIEW PDF
Dr. Shishir Dahal

Original Article

Intensive Care Unit Bed Utilization of a Tertiary Care Hospital: A Five-Year Trend Analysis VIEW PDF
Shrestha RR*, Vaidya PR*, Rana RB**
Assessment of Portal Venous Pressure and its Correlation with Obstructive Jaundice. VIEW PDF
Pokhrel S*, Chaudhary JK*, Adhikari SK**
Importance of Staging Laparoscopy in Upper Gastrointestinal and Hepatopancreatobiliary (Hpb) Malignancy. VIEW PDF
Chaudhary JK*, Pokhrel S*, Adhikari SK**
Study on Ultrasound and Computed Tomography-Guided Aspiration Cytology in Deep Seated Thoracic and Abdominal Lesions in Civil Service Hospital. VIEW PDF
*Neupane S, *Tuladhar S, *Koirala S, **Shrestha U,
Prevalence of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Assessment of Liver Fibrosis by Different Non-Invasive Methods VIEW PDF
Author PMJN
Clinical Profile, Risk Factors and Hospital Mortality of Sepsis In Cirrhosis VIEW PDF
Jaishi B*, Prajapat S**, Shrerstha SL***, Karki ND****
Sonographic Features of Thyroid Nodule For Predicting Risk of Malignancy VIEW PDF
Bhatarai M*, Bhatarai MD*, Basnet S**, Karki BB**, Bajracharya MR**
Outcome of Weis Procedure Versus Combined Procedure in Involutional Entropion of Lower Eyelid VIEW PDF
Karki P*, Sharma B*

Case Report

Serum Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium Level During Prolong Hunger Strike VIEW PDF
Shrestha SL* , Dahal P**,
Acquired Cuts Laxa - A Case Report VIEW PDF
Karki A*, Kayastha BMM**, Lama L***, Baskota R****

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Instructions for Authors VIEW PDF
The Chief Editor