Volume 15│Number 01│Jan-Jun 2015

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Abdominal wound dehiscence following laparotomy : How to minimize the wound failure? VIEW PDF
Anip Joshi

Original Article

Outcome of the Patients Admitted in New Intensive Care Unit, Bir Hospital: Five years review VIEW PDF
Vaidya PR*, Shrestha RR**
Functional Outcome of Modified Tension band wiring in Transverse Fracture of Patella VIEW PDF
Chaudhary R*, Joshi A*, Bajaracharya AR*
Pre-emptive Analgesic Effects of Intravenous paracetamol Versus diclofenac in open cholecystectomy VIEW PDF
Pokharel A**, Karki AJ*
Comparative Study of Functional Outcome of Open Versus Percutaneous Release of A1 Pulley for Trigger Finger VIEW PDF
Hamal B*, Rai RK*, Thapa S*, Bisht R**, Bajracharya AR***
The Safety and Efficacy of Supracostal punctures in Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) VIEW PDF
Shrestha PM*, Kunwar AK*
Abdominal Wound Dehiscence in Emergency Laparatomy VIEW PDF
Yadav PK
Efficacy Of A Mixture Of Probiotic Containing saccharomyces boulardii and lactobacillus in Preventing Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea In Patients Taking Triple Therapy For H Pylori Eradication VIEW PDF
Khanal A*, Mishra AK**, Shrestha D***,Chaudhari SR**** , Basnet BK*****

Case Report

Management of Traumatic Diaphragmatic Rupture VIEW PDF
A Joshi
Case Report of Hepatopulmonary syndrome in a Cirrhotic Patient: The Anaesthetic concern in Orthopedic Surgery VIEW PDF
KC N*, Baral B**, Dhital D**, Adhikari S
Hunger Strike VIEW PDF
Shrestha SL*, Dahal P**, PMJN Sapkota K***

Review Article

Revisiting PD-1 and PD-L1/L2 Pathway in NonSmall cell Lung Cancer– Review VIEW PDF
Sharma S*, Ren XB**, Yan F****

Instructions to Author

Instructions for Authors VIEW PDF
Editor PMJN