Volume 13│Number 01│Jan-Jun 2013

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Medical Audit for Improvement of Patient Care View Pdf
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Original Article

Histomorphological spectrum of lesions of the central nervous system including the brain, spinal cord and vertebrae View Pdf
Bista P, Shrestha KB Basnet R, Joshi A, Mall RR
bacteriological Profile and Antimicrobial sensitivity Pattern of blood Isolates in Children: A Hospital Based study in Kathmandu, Nepal View Pdf
Prajapati B, Thapa UB, Mahat T, Singh G Rai GK, Manandhar R, Karki S,
Effectiveness of week-long speech therapy by trained nurses in correcting articulatory errors in children after palatoplasty View Pdf
Rai SM,Koirala R, Nakarmi K,Pradhan B, Rai S,Karki B,Shakya P,Basnet SJ, Nagarkoti K,Ghartimagar M,Rajbhandari P,Karki S,Agrawal J, Gyawali N, Tulachan B
A survey of Control of Cancer Pain in two Hospices in Kathmandu, Nepal View Pdf
Munday D, Shakya R. Paudel BD, Thapaliya S
Attenuation of Hemodynamic response to tracheal extubation: Comparison of esmolol and lidocaine View Pdf
Thapa P, Shrestha AB Shrestha S, Chand MB, Vaidya PR,
A study of Organophosphorus Poisoning at A tertiary Care Hospital in Nepal View Pdf
Koirala M, Bhattarai T, Poudel SC, Ali M Mandal L, Bhattarai MD, Gaire D,

Review Article

Review of Auricular reconstruction View Pdf
Basnet SJ

Case Report

Bone marrow oedema syndrome: A rare case View Pdf
Shrestha S, Limbu H, Bajracharya S, Rai S, Thapa N B, Shrestha KB

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Instructions for Authors View Pdf
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