An Observational Study of Universal Anesthesia Machine in Nepal.

RB Rana, JK Agrawal ML Manandhar, N Shrestha,


Anesthesia machine is a minimum requirement of any operation theatre. The essential
component of anesthesia machine are to provide oxygen & desired concentration of anesthetic agent, breathing system preventing CO2 rebreathing and scavenging system. All modern anesthesia machines are well incorporated with all essential components & run by high-tech sophisticated electronic chips. Because of this high-technology, the modern anesthesia machines are expensive, difficult to understand the function and maintain. Furthermore, all modern machines require continuous supply of pressurized medical gas to run. Therefore, to have good running operation theater people from resource limited area were waiting to have affordable machine which can run without continuous pressurized medical gas but having all essential functional component of ideal anesthesia machine until early 2010 when universal anesthesia machine (UAM) was developed in united kingdom. The objective of this observational study is to assess the essential functions of anesthesia machine in UAM and the user’s perspective of layout and setting up of machine.

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