Effectiveness of Wrap Therapy for Management of Pressure Ulcer in Tertiary Hospital

Tuitui RL*, Dewan P**, Suwal SN***


Introduction: Pressure ulcer is a worldwide problem. Several treatment methods are being used for the management. Whichever method is used, it must be easy, accessible and cost effective. The aim of this study was to find out the effectiveness of wrap therapy for management of pressure ulcer.

Method: Hospital based prospective study was carried out in tertiary hospital within 16 months period among 49 patients (30 in wrap group, 19 in control group) having pressure ulcer stage
II and III. Daily assessment and pressure ulcer score for healing (PUSH) calculation were done before dressing. Student ‘t’ test was used to see the statistical difference on PUSH score between
wrap and control group.

Result: Most of patient had pressure ulcer on sacrum (56.7% in wrap and 57.9% in control) with 60% in stage II and 40% in stage III. The duration of pressure ulcer management ranged from 7 to 58 days (mean 11.8, SD 9.1) in wrap group and 7 to 42 days (mean 14.5, SD 9.2) in control group. There was no difference in PUSH mean score between wrap and control group (p=0.138). Similarly, the PUSH score was not difference for pressure ulcer stage II (p=0.338) and stage III (p=0.752) among both groups up to 18 days of management.

Conclusion: Wrap therapy is not inferior to conventional method and it can be used as an
alternative method.

Keywords: Pressure Ulcer, Pressure Ulcer Score for Healing, Wrap Therapy

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