Intensive Care Unit Bed Utilization of a Tertiary Care Hospital: A Five-Year Trend Analysis

Shrestha RR*, Vaidya PR*, Rana RB**


INTRODUCTION: There is acute shortage of intensive care unit beds in Nepal. At the same time, the demand for intensive care unit beds is increasing. So, we have to optimally utilize our limited and expensive intensive care unit beds. The aim of this study was to evaluate performance indicators of ICU bed utilization of a tertiary care hospital in Kathmandu.

METHOD: This is a retrospective study done over a period of five years from 2009 to 2013 B.S. The admission and discharge records of patients admitted in five-bed mixed medical surgical intensive care unit was retrieved. The variables that we used to evaluate the ICU bed utilization over a period of five years were average length of stay (ALOS), bed occupancy rate (BOR), bed turn over rate (BTOR) and turnover interval (TI).

RESULT: A total of 1111 patents were admitted in the ICU over a period of five years.The trends in ICU bed utilization showed that the average length of stay was minimum of 5.45 days in 2068
with the maximum of 7.28 days in 2069. In 2066, the bed occupancy rate was 69.75%, the bed turn over rate was 38.60 times per year and the turnover interval was 2.86 days. In 2070, these indices were 98.85%, 50.40 times per year and 0.08 days respectively.

CONCLUSION: This study shows that there is increasing trend in the utilization of ICU beds. So we should increase the number of ICU beds to cater the large number of potentially treatable
critically ill patents in upcoming days.

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