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Postgraduate Medical Journal of NAMS (PMJN) publishes original
articles, reviews and leading articles, short notes, case reports etc. All are
submitted to editorial board and peer reviewed.Manuscripts are considered with the understanding that they have not been published previously and are not under consideration by another publication. Any attempt at dual publication will lead to automatic rejection and may prejudice
acceptance of future submissions. Copies of related or possibly duplicative materials (i.e., those containing substantially similar content or using the same or similar data) that have been previously published or are under
consideration elsewhere must be provided at the time of manuscript submission.
Materials relating to human investigations and animal experiments must comply with
and be approved by local ethics committees. It must conform to standards
currently applied in the country of origin. Written consent must be obtained from the
patient, legal guardian or executor for publoication of any details or photographs that might identify an individual. Evidence of such consent should be submitted along with the manuscript. submission of the manuscript implies that if and when it is accepted for publication, the authors automatically agree to transfer the copyright to the publisher

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