Study of ocular emergencies in nepal eye Hospital

PR Pandey


This study was done in Nepal Eye Hospital for a period of six months (15th Marg 2061 -15th Jestha 2062) . A total of 733 patents were examined during the period, of which 75.7% were ocular trauma and 24.3% were ocular infecton. Out of the ocular trauma cases 30.6% were major injuries and 69.4% were minor injuries. The extra ocular foreign bodies were 40%, Closed globe injuries 23.6%, Open globe injuries 2.2%, lid injuries 6.8% and Chemical injuries 3.1%. Predominant age group was between 20-30 years age group. Male patents were more than female patents (2.8:1). Lef eye injury was more than right eye (1.07:1)Key words: Chemical injury, Closed globe, Foreign bodies, Ocular trauma, Open globe

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